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Display Pages of Information

Isn't it time you replaced your plastic letter signs and handwritten white/black boards with the new innovation in LED displays? Introducing the innovative new iDisplay series LED electronic display. We've designed this series for versatility. Electronic programmable displays afford you with a versatile tool to communicate, direct, educate, inform or motivate your specific audience. The contemporary design blends with any decor.
iDisplay from Smartech is an ideal tool to display multiple lines and multiple pages of information. Besides being eye catchy, It also has an advantage that the information displayed can be quickly and easily changed.




•  No of lines: 10
•  Characters per line: 32-29
•  Character Style: Normal, Compressed, Fat
•  Bold Characters: Yes
•  Page Pause Time: User Programmable
•  Effects: Roll, Wipe, Blink, Twinkle, Open, etc.
•  User Friendly Windows based Software for Page Editing
•  Off-line Editing of Pages

Technical Specifications

•  Character Height: 2.3” (Option to display characters with 4.7” Character     Height)
•  Display Matrix per line: 7 X 192
•  LED Size : 5mm Round
•  LED Colour : Red
•  Memory Capacity : 10,000 Characters
•  Cabinet: Aluminium Black Powder Coated with Red Acrylic in Front
•  Interface: Serial RS232 Power Requirement: 110-270V AC
Note :-
  We also offer Multi-line board with 3.2” character height.
  No of lines and Characters per line can be customized as per the client      requirement