Time And Attendance
  Standalone Time Reporter
  i - Watch Finger Print Based
  Action Display
  Single Line Display
  Information Display
  Multiline Display
  Multiplex information Display
  Production Status Display
  Interest Rate Display
  Currency Exchange Rate Display


Smartech specializes in electronic display systems that provide instant visual feedback of key production parameters. These production status displays show real-time information that can be interfaced with your manufacturing system to integrate and display production status.

  Improves Productivity
  Maintains Throughput
  Reduces Downtime
  Induces Team spirit and Motivation
  Accurately measures production status
  High Visibility
  Increases Profitability Highlights Shortages
•  Display type: High brightness seven-segment LED display
•  Display format: Numeric.
•  Display size: Number of windows & no. of digits per window as per the client       requirement.
•  Digit size: 0.5 inch – 10 inch ( as per the client requirement)
•  Display Colour: Red
•  Battery Backup provided to retain data in memory in case of power failure.
•  Mode of Changing Data: IR remote Keypad
•  Black Powder Coated aluminum cabinet Operates on 180-270V AC